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The tableau course provides basic understanding about the introduction and overview. Tableau Training will get you up to speed on concepts of data visualization with a firm understanding of Tableau Architecture.

Learning Objectives

• Understand options for connecting to data
• Navigate the Tableau interface
• Build and format visualizations
• Understand basic parameters
• Create calculated fields
• Build interactive dashboards
• Share workbooks

Audience Recommended

This course is recommended for

• Tableau desktop online video based tutorial course is designed for the beginner to intermediate-level Tableau user.
• It is for anyone who works with data – regardless of technical or analytical background.

Pre- Requisites

• Basic Data knowledge

Why Go for Tableau Training?

We use Tableau analytics to get data and data visualizations out to users quickly. It’s very easy to use – non IT and non BI users can easily get access and get going quickly. Tableau also provides better visualizations over the leading BI players. IPad reporting is a pain point, and blended data sets are tricky. This is a very strong product.
The best feature of Tableau is that it is easy to use. It gives those with an analytical mindset the ability to analyze data without having to navigate technical obstacles such as SQL, coding, etc.
Quick dash boarding with easy to use drill down & drill across. Setting up an enterprise quality dashboard is pretty simple and there is a lot of functionality that can be incorporated using actions to allow for drill downs, filtering, etc.
Implementation is a breeze. Tableau is quick to implement and upgrade. Unlike traditional BI Suites that have months-long implementation cycles, Tableau is pretty quick. Additionally, it does not need to sit on top of a data warehouse it can be fed via Access, Excel, or text – which makes it perfect for ad hoc analysis as well

Tableau – Desktop

Creating visual analytics with tableau desktop


➤The shortcomings of traditional information analysis
➤The business case for visual analysis
➤The tableau software ecosystem
➤Introducing the tableau desktop workspace

Connecting to your data

➤How to connect to your data
➤What are generated values?
➤Knowing when to use a direct connection or a data extract
➤Joining database tables with tableau
➤Blending different data sources in a single worksheet
➤How to deal with data quality problems

Building your first visualization

➤Fast and easy analysis via show me
➤How show me works
➤Trend lines and reference lines
➤Sorting data in tableau
➤Enhancing views with filters, sets, groups, and hierarchies

Creating calculations to enhance your data

➤ What is aggregation?
➤ What are calculated values and table calculations?
➤ Using the calculation dialog box to create calculated values
➤ Building formulas using table calculations
➤ Using table calculation functions
➤ Adding flexibility to calculations with parameters
➤ Using the function reference appendix
➤ Notes

Using maps to improve insight

➤ Creating a standard map view
➤Plotting your own locations on a map
➤Replacing tableau’s standard maps
➤Using custom background images to Plot spatial data
➤Shaping data to enable point-to-point mapping
➤ Animating maps using the pages shelf or slider filters
➤ Notes

Developing an ad hoc analysis environment

➤Generating new data with forecasts
➤Providing self-service ad hoc analysis with parameters
➤Editing views in tableau server

Tips, tricks, and timesavers

➤Saving time and improving formatting
➤Improving appearance to convey meaning more precisely
➤Customizing shapes, colors, fonts, and images
➤Advanced chart types

Bringing it all together with dashboards

➤How dashboard facilitates analysis and understanding
➤How tableau improves the dashboard building process
➤The wrong way to build a dashboard
➤The right way to build a dashboard
➤Best practices for dashboard building
➤Building your first advanced dashboard
➤ Sharing your dashboard with tableau reader
➤Sharing dashboards with tableau online or tableau server
➤Designing for mobile consumption
➤Using the tableau performance recorder to improve load speed

Tableau Server

Installing tableau server

➤The reasons to deploy tableau server
➤Licensing options for tableau server and tableau online
➤Determining your hardware and software needs
➤ Configuring tableau server for the first time
➤ When and how to deploy server on multiple physical machines
➤ Deploying tableau server in high availability environments
➤ Leverage existing security with trusted authentication
➤ Deploying tableau server in multi-national entities
➤ Using performance recorder to improve performance
➤ Managing tableau server in the cloud
➤ Monitoring activity on tableau server
➤ Notes

Using tableau server to facilitate fact-based team collaboration

➤ Overview
➤Publishing dashboards in tableau server
➤ Organizing reports for consumption
➤ Options for securing reports
➤Consuming information in tableau server
➤ Authoring and editing reports via server
➤ Sharing connections, data models, and data extracts
➤ Embedding tableau reports securely on the web
➤ Using subscript ions to deliver reports via e-mail
➤ Notes

Automating server with tableau’s command line tools

➤ What do tabcmd and tabadmin do?
➤Installing the command line tools
➤What kinds of tasks can be done with tabcmd?
➤ Learning to leverage tabcmd
➤ Common use cases for tabcmd
➤ Using tabadmin for administrative task automation

Case studies

Use cases for rapid-fire visual analytics

➤ Overview
➤ Rapid-fire analysis at a public utility
➤Aggregating disparate data sources at a large university
➤Analysis in a major railway logistics team
➤ Quality metrics in a hospital
➤ Planning for a successful tableau deployment at act
➤ Employing visual analytics to aid succession planning


Appendix A - Understanding and using tableau functions

➤ Organization and key for appendix a
➤Alphabetical function list—summary
➤ Notes

Appendix B - Tableau data shaper excel plug-in

➤Why is reshaping desirable?
➤ Using the reshaper
➤ Installing the reshaper

Appendix C - Interworks book website

➤Sample workbooks
➤Video training files
➤ Feature updates on new tableau releases
➤ Useful web resources
➤ Recommended reading



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Frequently Asked Questions ?

➤ What is the course duration? 30 days for regular. We also give crash course if you have any time constraint.
➤ What if I miss any class?

We’ll share recorded sessions after the completion of each session, which you can access at any time or You can attend in any other live batch If you have more queries, please give us a call or reach us at our official email. To know more about each tool and register please click on the link provided in lead tools section.